Top 10 Best Water Purifiers For Home And Outdoors – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Today, we are living in a world filled with many diseases and viruses that are fatal and can cause long-lasting damage to our body. Many of the diseases are water-borne and can make us very ill. We can live for several days without food but without water, living even one day is unimaginable. As water is the main source of life, it is necessary for humans to drink pure water.

Drinking contaminated water may make you prone to many diseases that you never know. The water purifier is that equipment which helps you to get pure water by removing all the contaminants and bacteria present in the water. So, here is everything that you need to know about water purifiers along with our list of top 10 Best Water Purifiers that are available in the market these days.

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers For Home And Outdoors

  1. APEC Water Systems ROES Drinking Water Filter System

Being one of the top water filter brands, APEC always tries to offer the best quality products to the customers. Due to their trustworthiness, this brand has been serving its customers for twenty years providing them with the best durable and high-quality products that meet their customer requirements every time. The APEC Water Systems ROES is one of their highly demanded products that are capable of providing clean and refreshing water with superior quality.

The technology used by this water purifier is capable of eliminating up to 99 per cent of impurities along with 1000+ contaminants at the same time. The product is also made up of high-quality materials due to which it can last long. It is a highly trustable and popular brand which guarantees the safety of your drinking water which directly affects your health positively.


  • It is a WQA Certified System
  • Includes finest long-lasting filters
  • Maximum Total Dissolved Solids is of 2000 ppm
  • Feed Water Pressure is of 40-85 psi
  • Eliminate up to 99% of pollutants and impurities
  • Made up of supreme quality
  • It adds calcium minerals for enhancing the water taste
  • Less Maintenance and Easy Installation
  • Resourceful APEC Carbon Blocks

  • Per day 50 gallons of purified water is not enough
  • There’s no UV light to kill the microorganisms present in the water. 

  1. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

The APEX Clear Countertop Alkaline Drinking Water Filter is one of the best countertop water filter systems that has been specifically designed to easily sit right on your kitchen counter taking less place yet giving efficient results. This water filter is capable of removing impurities and contaminants that are present in the tap water such as chlorine, sediment, and other toxins that contribute to water-borne diseases.

The best part of this purifier is that you can get all these features at a very reasonable price and the installation process is also very simple that you can do it all by yourself, thus saving professional installation money. Enjoy fresh clean water with this Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter that easy and convenient to use and is pocket friendly as well.


  • Weigh five pounds
  • Dimension of 12H x 4.5L x 4.5W
  • Capable of filtering Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts present in tap water
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Can remove mercury and harmful pesticides from water
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Take less space
  • Convenient to use
  • No professional installation required
  • Remove toxins that contribute to water-borne diseases

  • The cartridge cover can be hard to open by hand
  • You need correct faucet for its particular model otherwise you won’t be able to use it. 

  1. iSpring RCC7AK Drinking Water Filter System with Alkaline

iSpring has been considered to be one of the best favourites and trusted brand of under sink water filter. Among its lineup, one of the highly-rated filters is iSpring RCC7AK that uses reverse osmosis systems to give you pure and premium quality drinking water at your home. This purifier model from iSpring has been exclusively designed for restoring the natural alkalinity as well as the mineral balance of water.

This is a trustworthy and ultra-safe water purifier that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system which helps in converting the water into clean and drinkable water. This purifier claims to eliminate up to 99 per cent of more than thousand harmful toxins available in the water such as sodium, chlorine, fluoride, lead etc. Made with high-quality material and including amazing features makes it one of the best water purifier in the market.


  • Comes with 6-Stage Alkaline Remineralization Layered Filtration
  • Features Ultra-Fine (RO) filter
  • Comes with RO System, Brushed Nickel Faucet and Storage Tank
  • Dimension of 15 x 8 x 18 inches
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Replacement filters are inexpensive
  • The remineralization filter increases pH, thus, improving the taste
  • The purifier also included water leakage alarm to prevent waste of water

  • The filter life is shorter as compared to some competitor’s purifier models
  • For 1 gallon of purified water, 3 gallons of water is wasted

  1. Express Water RO5DX Under Sink Water Plus 4 Replacement Filters

The Express Water RO5DX is easy to install purifier with customizable RO water filter System offering you 99. 99% filtered and purified water. This water filter uses technologies through which of Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrates, Calcium, Arsenic, Bacteria, and more. With this water purifier, you don’t even need any extra money for the professional installation. It is so simple to install that you yourself can do it in a few simple steps that are also guided in the user manual.

This water filter also consists of an emergency leak stop detector that can easily shut off water flow when it spots any moisture. The water filtration systems of Express Water RO5DX are completely upgraded which can easily be customized as per to the need. You can also try to add some other filtration attachments to this filter such as UV Water Filter, Alkaline Water Filter, etc.


  • Features Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
  • It’s an Under Sink Water Filter
  • Capable of removing up to 99. 99% of Nitrates, Arsenic, Bacteria, Chlorine, Lead, and more
  • Customizable RO Water Filter System
  • Easy Installation
  • High filtration process
  • Water flow rate is good
  • Leak protector also included
  • Reasonable Price range

  • RO membrane has a short lifecycle
  • Comparatively low production capacity on a daily basis

  1. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The Big Berkey Gravity-Fed is non- electrical Water Filter that offers clean purified drinking water for about one to four people every day. This filter is portable and doesn’t require any extra tools or plumbing. This is a trustworthy gravity-fed water solutions filter through which you can enjoy purified, healthy water every day.

This water filter claims not only to filter water but also eliminating more than 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metal, etc. through its Black Berkey Purification Elements. Also, its pair of Black Berkey Purification Elements can be used for up to 6,000 gallons after which you can go for its replacement. The company also passes its products through several different testing because of which you can have a nourishing and clean glass of water.


  • It is 19.25 inch tall and 8.5 inch in diameter
  • The capacity of 2.25 Gallon
  • Lasts For Up To 6,000 Gallons
  • Removes Pathogenic Bacteria, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Heavy Metals etc. from Water
  • No electricity, tools or plumbing required.
  • Offers not only water filtration but eliminate other bacteria, heavy metals etc.
  • Testified Product
  • Easy to use
  • The top and bottom water tank don’t fully empty, thus, some old water remains there.
  • A bit costly compared to other filters of the same range.

  1. Express Water UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

With a Powerful UV Sterilization, the Express Water UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is capable of eliminating coliform, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and any other pollutant or impurities from our drinking water. It also claims to remove such harmful elements up to 99.99 per cent. It not only eliminates such things but also adds minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, etc. to your drinking water that can benefit our body.

In addition, you won’t require any professional installation for these water purifiers as it is very easy and simple to install that you can do it yourself. The Express Water UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System also features a leak detector that can close down the water flow whenever it detects some unwanted moisture. This is a very useful water filter with high efficiency and great results.


  • Under Sink Water Filter
  • Includes Alkaline Filtration System with Active Mineral Technology
  • Features leak stop detector
  • One year warranty available
  • Removing up to 99.99% of pollutants and bacteria
  • No wastage of water with leak detector
  • No need for professional installation
  • Eliminates harmful chemicals, virus, heavy metal and even microorganism
  • It is compact and easy to use a purifier

  • A little pricy than its other competitor’s price range

  1. Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Undersink Reverse Water Filter System

If you are looking out for such water filter that can perform much better than a traditional RO system, then Home Master TMHP water purifier is all you need. This has been specifically designed for solving certain usual issues that are related to the traditional RO systems. With the help of its advanced filtration as well as innovative purification stages, this water filter gives you clean, purified water while preventing any kind of water-borne diseases.

The Home Master TMHP features long-lasting filters that are easy to change and that too once in a year or just after 2000 gallons. It also consists of IRON prefilter that is capable of protecting the RO membrane along with the UV filter that can easily destroy microorganisms that are present in the water. Overall, it is worth trying and also you can easily it in the affordable price range.


  • Features UV filter
  • Size of Purification unit is 16 Inch H x 8 Inch W x 5 Inch
  • The dimension of Reserve tank is 15 Inch H x 11 Inch D
  • Long-lasting filters, change after 2,000 gallons or between 1 year
  • High-level performance
  • It’s chlorine and lead removal results are exceptional
  • Most of its claims are proven correct by the users
  • Less expensive

  • High Priced
  • Its salt removal system needs more work 

  1. OnliPure Zero Installation Purifier Reverse

With a perfect body design and advance technology, OnliPure Zero Installation Purifier Reverse is nothing less than any other highly rated purifiers in the market. This water filter is a little different from other purifiers of its class. You don’t have to wait for the filtration process for getting complete so that you can get the clean water. But instead, here you have to just leave the one gallon of tap water in the bottom container and within fifteen minutes you will get 0.5 gallons of purified water in the top container ready to drink.

The Zero Installation Purifier is designed to eliminate the unpleasant or nasty taste and odour, chlorine, lead, etc. rapidly and efficiently. The OnliPure Zero Installation Purifier Reverse is a combination of stylish, compact design with advance and modern technology. The best part is that there is no need of assembling, no professional installation process, no leaky diverter valves etc. This model of water purifier also claims to get rid of up to 99 per cent of all contaminants such as Fluoride, Chlorine, Heavy Metals among many others.


  • Get NSF/ANSI 58 Certified Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Balanced alkaline level of 7-8pH
  • Weigh 25.4 pounds
  • Uses 30 Watts power
  • Eliminates up to 99% of all contaminants in your water
  • It features four Stage advanced filtration.
  • Well-designed and compact design
  • You will get a perfect balanced alkaline level
  • Great performance
  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Alkaline pH level can be maintained more perfectly
  • Didn’t remove minerals that well

  1. APEC WFS-1000 Premium Quality 3 Stage Water Filter System

The APEC WFS-1000 is one of the best water purifiers that are capable of last over 12 months for fewer filter changes with the help of its Super Capacity Filters. This filter offers high performance than any other high price range filters available in the market. With this purifier, you can enjoy clean purified water that is free from the harmful contaminants. The WFS-1000 from APEC not only removes the chemicals from your water but also the tastes, odours, along with VOCs. In addition to that, it still makes sure to keep the vital minerals and alkalinity to your drinking water.

The APEC WFS-1000 consists of three-stage system filters that filter your water quickly and you can have clean drinking water in no time. There will be no wastage of water with this system as it does not require any regular filter flushing, because of which all of the pure water is going to get into your cup after getting into its filter system.


  • Dimension is of 6 x 15 x 12 inches
  • Weigh 14 pounds
  • Features 100% Lead-Free chrome faucet
  • 20-85 psi Feed Water Pressure
  • It is extremely pocket friendly
  • Capable of removing a lot of leas and chlorine
  • Outstanding water cleaning performance
  • High flow rate
  • Salt removal process needs more work
  • Purified water didn’t taste incredible as claimed

  1. iSpring RCB3P 300 GPD Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO

This high-quality water purifier from one of the most trusted brands, claims in removing 99 per cent of contaminants that are present in the water and can cause several diseases. It is a very efficient brand that can make your installation as well as filter changes a lot easier. In addition, they provide extra protection to your health while adding a shielding buffer for your system.

The very efficient RO membranes of this water purifier combine for offering up to 300 gallons of purified reverse osmosis water on a daily basis. You can not only use it for your home but also for some light marketable use in Restaurants, salons, etc. You can get all those benefits from this water purifier that a high-quality RO water purifier mainly offers. The iSpring RCB3P 300 also includes a built-in booster pump which helps in increasing the production of clean and purified water by simply increasing the level of the water pressure.


  • Offers Multi-layer filtration
  • Dimension of 14 x 10 x 30 inches
  • Features 3X 100GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Produces up to 300 gallons of filtered water each day
  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals, toxins, and several other water impurities.
  • Body made up of good quality
  • High performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Convenient for any surroundings such as home, office etc.

  • The production capacity on daily basis can be better
  • A little expensive than its competitors

Buying Guide for Water Purifiers

Before purchasing a water purifier, there are certain factors that you should bring under your consideration. As these factors may help you get an ideal water purifier that suits your body and is also effective. So, here are all the factors that you need to know before bringing a water purifier in your home/office.

  • Price – Water Purifiers come at different price. More technology more will be the price. If you have a low budget then you can go for a small water purifier that has less capacity and is compact. If you are opting to spend a high amount on water purifier, then you can go for the heavy water purifiers that are usually fixated on the walls.
  • Types – There are several types of water purifiers that serve a different purpose. For example, RO is used for filtrating water from heavy metals, fluoride, arsenic and other toxic substances. There are many types of water purifiers such as RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultra Violet) and UF. If you have low TDS then you don’t even need RO water purifier. For that, UF (Non-powered & Gravity Based) water purifier can do the right work.
  • Storage Capacity – If you live in an area where there is electricity running all day, then the water purifier without high capacity will be more than enough. But, if you live in an area where power goes off for a longer time then you should buy a water purifier that has high water storage capacity.
  • Certification – It is more like the qualifications of the water purifier. The water purifiers are certified by brands that determine their effectiveness and efficiency. To ensure that the water purifier or brand is authentic and trustworthy, you must run your eyes to its certifications. It will give you an idea about the purifier you will be buying.
  • Warranty and after-sales service – This factor is really important. Once you purchase a water purifier, this factor will remain for the long term. What if you purchase a water purifier and it stops working?? You’ll first look for a warranty. If you’re out of your warranty period then you’ll need maintenance services. Many water purifier companies don’t give proper maintenance service or charge pretty high for servicing. So, you must choose wisely before purchasing a water purifier. Look for a longer period of warranty and regular after-sales services at a minimal cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How does Water Purifier work?

Answer: Our drinking water might consist of several Micro Biological Toxic chemicals and impurities that are harmful and may get dissolve in our body via water, causing several diseases. In order to get rid of such chemicals and impurities, the water purifier goes through certain methods like Chlorination, Boiling, Ultrafiltration (UF), Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purification to clean the water and make it drinkable.

Question 2: Which Water Purifier is best for me?

Answer: There are many types of water purifier, but the most common one used these days are UV water purifier and Reverse Osmosis purifier. However, both have their own specialities but if you are looking for the complete purification of your drinking water then Reverse Osmosis water purifier is the best choice for you. On the other hand, a UV water purification system is not capable of removing harmful chemicals though it can de-activate bacteria and viruses.

Question 3: Does the Purifier Enhance the Taste of Water?

Answer: Water purifiers mainly remove the essential minerals that are present in the water, making it taste bland. However, there are many renowned water purifier brands that come with mineral technology that is capable of retaining vital minerals that are present in water and also give out flavoursome drinking water.


The water pollution is increasing day by day and therefore you must have a good purifier at home or at your workplace that offers you pure water by killing all the bacteria or chemicals present in the water. It has become very necessary to install a water purifier in almost every household or at offices. Today, with the help of this article we have tried to cover the top best water purifiers that are worth buying. If you have a question regarding the same, feel free to ask us at our comment section below.

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