Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs For 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs 2021: Nowadays gaming is on its peak and is all set to flourish more in the coming future. Now, it is not just for fun and enjoyment but a source of income as well. Therefore, people are now looking forward to this field as well and try to get the best experience. Other than high-quality gaming PCs, another thing which every gamer look forward is the comfortable gaming chair.

Gaming is not an easy task; the streamers usually spend at least six to seven hours altogether which can be very exhausting specifically when you don’t use a suitable chair during your gaming session. This can lead to serious back problems by spending a lot of time in a chair, therefore, it becomes so important to have a quality gaming chair. Gaming Chairs are specially designed for such gamers or streamers who spend a lot of time playing games for extensive hours. With these chairs, you can properly play for countless hours without facing any discomfort.

Luckily, there are not only a few but plenty of options of chairs out there on the market to choose from that are specifically built for the gamers. However, these varieties of options sometimes make it difficult for choosing the one and that’s why we are here with our list of top ten Best Gaming Chairs for 2020. One must take note that every gaming chair is not made of high quality and the comfort level and features differ from one chair to another, therefore, you must make a wise decision.

With the help of our given list, you will get amazing options of the gaming chairs that will give you great comfort while your gaming session by supporting your back conveniently and will give you overall great experience. Along with our top 10 Best Gaming Chairs list, you will also get the reviews of each product that we have listed together with the buying guide for the same so that you can make the right decision as per to your need and requirements.

Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs For 2021 

  1. RESPAWN Skull Trooper V Gaming Chair

The very popular Respawn company offers the best-looking chair for the Fortnite lovers with the Fortnite theme. The Respawn Skull Trooper V Gaming Chair is a great looking, highly-featured gaming chair that can give you a high level of comfort and best gaming experience. It features centre tilt, tilts tension as well as height adjustment among many other ergonomic features. This chair includes high back along with the segmented padding as well as built-in head support for offering more comfort and back support.

The Respawn Skull Trooper V Gaming Chair offers a feel of luxury along with providing great performance.  Its strong lumbar support helps in keeping your back supported together with providing comfortability for the duration of your long hours of gaming. Its flip-up arms offer great versatility while in use, the chair tilt back between 90 to 105 degrees, and its full 360 degrees of swivel rotation lets you have dynamic movement.


  • Dimensions of 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches (LxWxH)
  • Material used Leather
  • Skull Trooper-v Color
  • Frame Material is of Plywood


  • Very Comfortable
  • Easy Assembling
  • Very appealing colour and design
  • Great material and nice padding


  • Doesn’t lean back very far
  • The assembling will take a lot of time with one person
  1. OFM Generation 1.0 Racer Style Gaming Chair

The OFM Generation 1.0 Racer Style Gaming Chair is basically a race car style chair that not only offers comfort but also luxury that gives a very appealing overall look to this chair. You will feel comfortable throughout the intense gaming sessions or else while having long workdays. This is a heavy-duty chair that consists of a 275 lb weight capacity which offers its long-lasting use. With this chair, you also get some amazing features like seatback recline control, height adjustment, flip-up arms as well as 360 degrees of swivel.

The chair is made up of premium SofThread leather and gives an amazing style due to its contrasting coloured mesh that also offers cool feel to this chair. It gets the contoured segmented padding, along with the integrated padded headrest, as well as padded arms offering quality support and comfort for long hours of playing.


  • Dimensions of 30.5 x 28.25 x 48.25 inches (LxWxH)
  • Primary Material used is Leather
  • Generation 1.0
  • Contoured segmented padding


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy Assembling
  • Its armrests arms can move easily
  • Comfortable


  • Even though it sits well but gives kind of lopsided looks
  1. Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair

Hbada is one of the well-known brands on the market that has been specialized to create an environment-friendly, stylish, and high-quality Office and Gaming Chairs. Among their comfortable Ergonomic Chairs options, Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair has also gained a lot of popularity. This chair is best suitable for gamers who tend to spend a lot of time in gaming. This gives you the best gaming experience with great comfortability.

The Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair comes with a high backrest that makes sure the proper alignment as well as a great support to your back and neck because of which you get great comfort.  It is highly adjustable with reclining backrest from 90° to 155° and the chair can be adjusted to various desk height as well as sitting positions. In addition to that, you also get a free exchange for installation issues, damage as well as missing parts within one year. The customers also get replace or refund options within 1 month of purchase.


  • Dimension of 27.5″ x 27.5″ x 47.2″-50.4″ (LxWxH)
  • Material used Polyurethane
  • Weigh 49.4 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight capacity of 300 Pounds


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Its dimensions are suitable for most of the people of different height and weight
  • It is very stable and durable
  • It offers great comfort even after several uses.
  • It can be adjusted according to your suitability


  • So far not any
  1. X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

Along with offering great comfort and ease while gaming, the X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair also comes with the 2.1 Sound System along with two built-in Speakers that offer great music experience as well. Its wireless audio transmission also comes with a subwoofer. It can easily connect to many video game, audio and several video devices and is very much well suited with the Xbox Playstation, Gameboy, Nintendo, Wii, MP3s, DVDs among many more.

It offers great Ergonomic design, having full back support, chair tilts as well as swivels for great comfort while playing the games. It mainly comes with foldable construction that easily let you port or shifts this chair from one place to another and can be stored conveniently. Its heavy-duty upholstery vinyl cover can be cleaned very easily, therefore, it is easy to clean.


  • Seat Height of 11.8 inches
  • Dimensions of 57.4 x 78 x 95.5 cm (LxWxH)
  • 1 Sound System
  • 2 built-in Speaker
  • Weigh 46.3 Pounds


  • The great sound quality of the speaker
  • Elegant Design
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to move and store due to its foldable construction


  • For audio, the chair only supports RCA, otherwise, you will have to buy an audio converter
  1. Homekoko Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair with Adjustable Armrest

This gaming chair from Homekoko gives a different look which is quite appealing and with its thickly cushioned, this chair offers maximum comfort and ease. It is made with high-quality material that offers maximum support and durability. Its assembling is also very quick and is easy to set up. It easily and comfortably supports your back and neck so that you can play games for hours without facing any issue.

With its breathable premium, PU leather that has been covered on this chair makes it feel the more comfortable and less sweaty experience.  Its lumbar support and headrest pillow are adjustable that helps in protecting your spinal and neck at the same time without putting stress on it. It has a safe angle 90 to 155 degree when you recline. It’s heavy-duty metal base and construction also makes it highly durable.


  • Nylon smooth-rolling casters
  • The material used is Faux Leather
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Maximum Weight capacity of 300 Pounds


  • Ergonomic construction
  • It offers great stability and mobility
  • High-quality breathable premium PU leather used to cover the chair
  • It offers maximum comfort through its thickly cushioned construction


  • The instruction is not clear and might be hard for the first time user
  1. noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair – Office Chair

Made with premium quality material, this noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair offers great performance. With Faux Leather and Alloy Steel Frame Material, this gaming chair is very firm and sturdy, giving perfect gaming experience. Its adjustable lumbar support and backrest are well-designed, giving good support to your back and neck.

This gaming chair from HERO Series has been built around an enlarged seat area as well as a backrest and gives the users amply of room to manoeuvre. The chair is also very much compatible with taking a load of up to 330 lbs. due to its high-quality base and steel framework which makes this thing easily possible.


  • The material used is Faux Leather
  • Alloy Steel Frame Material
  • Breathable cold-foam upholstery
  • Diamond-pattern stitching
  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 330 Pounds
  • Flexible 4D armrests


  • Offers great comfort
  • Solid and Sturdy Design
  • Looks elegant and stylist
  • Very firm


  • The arms of the chair might be a little farther apart for some customers
  • Expensive
  1. RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

This RESPAWN-200 Racing Style is an ergonomic chair that comes with a sturdy design due to its alloy steel frame. Its quality materials keep it cool and in control to avoid the excessive sweaty experience. It is lightweight; therefore, it can be moved from one place to another and has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. The adjustable headrest as well as pivoting lumbar also offers great comfort that lasts for long.

This gaming chair offers a lot of comfort with adjustable settings that can let you positioned your chair according to your comfort or need. Its reinforced mesh backing upturns the airflow for regulating the body temperature as well as enabling its lightweight support at the same time. It reclines between 90 to 130 degrees along with the infinite angle lock. This chair also offers dynamic movement with its full 360 degrees of swivel rotation.


  • Seat Depth is of 17.5 Inches
  • 360 degrees of swivel rotation
  • Weight Capacity of 275 pound
  • Frame Material is of Alloy Steel
  • Weigh 50.71 Pounds
  • Reclining between 90 – 130 degrees


  • It is very sturdy
  • Stylish design
  • Great comfort and ease
  • Customer service is good


  • It is a little bit expensive 
  1. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

This gaming chair will give you more of a race car style chair feel. You will not only get comfort but its sophisticated design, you can also enjoy its luxury feel. It is very much useful for long workdays and intense gaming sessions. Its padded arms, contoured segmented padding, as well as an integrated padded headrest, offers great comfort and quality support.

It is a highly adjustable racing chair that comes with height adjustment, flip-up arms and centre-tilt control, along with 360 degrees of swivel. Made of heavy-duty materials, this chair has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lb and offer long-lasting use as well.


  • Dimension of 30.5 x 28.25 x 44.5 inches (LxWxH)
  • Upholstered in SofThread Leather
  • Maximum 275 lb weight capacity
  • Integrated padded headrest


  • Highly adjustable as per to your comfort
  • Great Comfort with Segmented Padded Seat
  • Heavy-duty materials make it sturdy
  • Graceful Design


  • Gives a wobbly look
  1. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair

This gaming chair will not only give you great gaming experience but can also be used while reading, watching movies, listing music and so on. Overall, it is a perfect chair for relaxing whether you are gaming or just simply lying down, it will offer great comfort and great support to your back. Its side control panel comes with volume, bass control, headphone jack etc. and it can be easily connected to Xbox, Playstation, Gameboy, and MP3/CD/DVD along with home theatres as well.

It features four speakers, audio force modulation technology, as well as ported power subwoofers that will give get you involved with your game or movie or music immensely. Its control panel also comes with volume and bass controls separately. It is very much capable of offering comfort and let you entertained for hours.


  • Dimension of 29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 inches (LxWxH)
  • Wood and metal frame
  • The material used is padded vinyl
  • Built-in speakers
  • Gunstock and foldable arms
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs.


  • The sound quality, bass adjustment, vibrations all works perfectly
  • Very comfortable
  • High-quality material used
  • The wireless system works great


  • For the audio, you might require HDMI converter for newer systems
  1. RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair

The RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair is a great combination of luxury and comfort. Its overall look and design are very elegant and it offers great back and neck support that can let you have amazing gaming experience. It comes with stain-resistant materials that can cover this gaming chair for long-wearing as well as for extended use.

It also lets you have dynamic movement with its full 360 degrees of swivel rotation. You can adjust as per to your ideal position as it offers to recline between 90 to 155 degrees along with the infinite locking positions. The armrests are soft and padded adding more comfort to the chair.


  • Dimensions of 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches (LxWxH)
  • Stain-resistant materials
  • The material used is Vinyl, Leather
  • Plywood Frame
  • Reclining between 90 to 155 degrees


  • It is Easy to Assemble
  • It supports your back and neck comfortably
  • Affordable Price
  • Sophisticated Design


  • The armrests are not so stable and are a little bit shaky

Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

The gaming chairs have been evolved so much especially after its first-ever launch when gaming chairs were designed for racing games in order to act as car simulator seats. From then, these chairs became popular and with modification and alterations, these were changed into high straight backs and thick upholstery design which is now popularly used as gaming chairs by the gamers. Now, you will find a wide range of options of these gaming chairs that can meet different needs of the games with its different types and features.

Before buying the gaming chair, you must need to know regarding different features of gaming chairs that you are specifically looking for. The evaluation process is very important as it offers good value for money. Therefore, you need a buying guide to make sure that what you are buying will satisfy your specific needs or not.

  • Ergonomics: Before buying, you must check that your gaming chair is ergonomically designed. Ergonomics basically means to the method in which something has been designed considering the psychological as well as physiological principles sets that will best suit the user. You must check that the gaming chair is easily maintaining the proper posture, supporting your movements, reducing the back pain, as well as refining your gaming reaction times as well.
  • Upholstery: You must have a look at the material or Upholstery that has been used on your gaming chair. Most gamers go for the gaming chairs made up of PU leather as it is quite budget-friendly as real leather will cost very expensive. You must consider breathable upholstery which gives you more comfortability and less sweaty gaming experience.
  • Build Quality and Material: The second thing you need to consider while buying a gaming chair is to check its build quality. The higher build quality directly indicates the longer duration of your gaming chair is going to last for. It is obvious that don’t want to spend money in any of the chairs that will break or becomes uncomfortable after just a few weeks of its usage. Look for its framework, it should be made of metal such as steel, as it tends to be durable. The frames that are made of wood or plastic are less likely to run for long. Go for wide aluminium bases and mould shaping or cold foam cushioning as these are very durable and comfortable.
  • Weight Capacity: Gaming chairs come with different weight capacities and the one with the largest weight capacities usually labelled as ‘big and tall’ gaming chairs. The most heavy-duty chairs can easily support up to and even more than 500 lbs of weight, however, it’s not the exact number, and the weight may differ.
  • Warranty: There a lot of gaming chairs that includes the manufacturer’s warranty which let you get the replacement parts very easily or else a refund if in case of any faults or breakage with your gaming chair. This you need to consider while looking out for a gaming chair to know its quality and for its long run as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Where can I buy a gaming chair?

Answer: Well, you can buy gaming chairs through any store but the best option according to us would be via online. There are many websites, apps and even the suppliers’ websites that provide you with the best deals and offers that make your buying experience more amazing. So, if you want the best deals, then the online option would be better for you.

Question 2: Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs?

Answer: Yes! Gaming chairs are more comfortable than the office chairs because of featuring more cushioning. More cushioning makes the gaming chairs more comfortable as compared to the office chairs. Also, gaming chairs backrest is much higher as compared to a regular office chair that supports your shoulders as well as your back very well making you less tired and more comfortable. That’s the reason why gaming chairs are expensive and office chairs are less costly.

Question 3: How long should a gaming chair last?

Answer: High-build gaming chairs from trustworthy brands last long between the years 1 to 5 years. However, there are many brands that offer accurate warranties so that you can also expect the chair to last as the specified time period that the manufacturer has claimed. Talking about the cheap gaming chairs that fall under $200 is usually going to last for a year.


Gaming chairs are specialized chairs that have been designed for special needs as well as the comfort of the gamers. These chairs have been designed by considering how the gamers sit and move while gaming, and what are their needs and requirements out of their chair, among so many factors.  Other than gaming purpose, you can also use these chairs for other purposes like if you work from home if you suffer from back pain and need a comfortable chair or just simply need extra support when seated and so on. Since there are so many varieties of gaming chairs available on the market, we hope our list of top best gaming chair will help you out to make the best choice.

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