Top 5 Best Dash Cams Dashboard Cameras To Capture The Maniacs and Meteors Of Daily Driving

Dash Cam Reviews 2021: Dashcams Earth cameras which are fitted on the dashboard of the car. It is already on necessity in many countries owing to the fact that there are people who intentionally bump into your car and sues you. The dash cams have also been very helpful because it allows identifying the causes of accidents on the road. There are various countries like Thailand which has adopted this model to keep track of the cars which are involved in causing a nuisance in the City. We have come up with Dash Cam Reviews 2021 to help you choose the best Dash Camera for 2021.

Best Front/Dash Cam

422 GW Modular Dual Channel Dash Cam: The GW modular series has raised the bar of dual-channel dash cams. It has got the HDMI port, which accepts videos from any 3 camera along with outputting them. The only downside of this modular dual-channel camera is that it is costly. However, Eid is completely worth the price that you pay because it has got additional features like GPS, Alexa assistance, and touch screen features. However, the camera lacks infrared lightning, which is quite disappointing. The camera would have been perfect if it had infrared light for capturing perfect video during the night.

Best Rear Front/Dash Cam

Viofo A129 Duo: A129 duo is one of the best budget super cameras that you will never find. It is super cheap compared to the features that it has. The dashcam has both front and rear camera which is capable of capturing shop videos in both daylight and low light conditions. The only complaint that most users have with this camera is the thick cable which is connected to the rear side. Besides, all other features and the quality of video captured is completely perfect and up to the mark

Best Front & Budget Front Cam

Vantrue N1 Pro Dashcam: Venture N1 Pro is a budget dash cam which can be bought from Amazon. Canada is capable of capturing shop videos in any light condition. Moreover, it has all the necessary features which should be present in a dashcam. It is one of the rare budget options available in this segment. However, there is an option for GPS. We recommend the users to spend an additional $22 and get the GPS version because it is very helpful when you are taking legal action against someone. It will not cost more than $100. The device also has a battery to continue video recording if the 12 volt fails.


Garmin speak plus: This dashcam must receive a special mention because it is truly amazing. The dashcam is powered by Alex assistant. You can control the Alexa home devices by sitting back in your car. Hence, it makes the work easier to control the devices inside the home by sitting in the car. It is capable of capturing amazing quality video and it has special sensors which trigger capturing videos while the car is parked. It has various recording modes too. Besides, the camera is powered by a battery to continue recording in case of power failure. It is also a budget-friendly option.

Get the best Dash Cams 2021 from this list of top and honest Reviews crafted here with hours of Research.
Top 5 Best Dash Cams Of 2021

Best Dash Cam 2021 Comparison Table

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Editors Pick: All Dashboard Camera is the best according to us. Our Top Pick from this list of 5 Best Dash Cam 2021 is WheelWitness HD PRO which is available under $130 and Z-Edge Z3 Plus which is also available under $130. WheelWitness comes with 16-GB microSD card and Z-Edge comes with 32-GB MicroSD card. Both Dash Cams resolution provides clear Pictures and Videos Quality so that It can make the Worth Investment Recommended by our Editor’s.

Best Featured Dash Cam Reviews 2021

Wheelwitness HD Pro Budget Dash Cam

Wheelwitness HD Pro Budget Dash Cam: Best Budget Dash Cam

Wheelwitness HD pro dashcam has a 170-degree lens. It provides driver assistance as well as night vision feature. The first impression of the camera suggested that it was just like any other dash camp. We have already tried out a number of dash cams, but all of them were of cheap quality. Hence, we decided to test Wheelwitness HD pro dashcam. The camera is a bit costly in our opinion, but we decided to take the bait and check out the device.

There a lot of items which you will get inside the box. The box contains the camera itself, GPS, a suction cup mount for attaching it to the car dashboard, two sticky mounts, a USB cable, a 12-foot power cable, and a 16 GB SD card. Most cameras do not come with an SD card inside the box. Hence, the SD card is a surprise for all the customers.

The device is adaptable to different settings. You can adjust the video timing and size. Depending upon the size of the video you select, the camera will capture videos at intervals and save them to SD card. For instance, the camera will start recording in every five minutes and save the footage to the SD card. Once the SD card is full, the oldest video will be automatically deleted and replaced by the new one. In this way, the old one keeps on getting replaced by the new one. However, it is better to backup all the videos on the PC and clears the memory regularly. This is not necessary and depends on the user to user.

Video Quality

We Goa expecting a general video quality is just like any other dashcam. Most cameras can capture only 120 to 140-degree videos. On the other hand, Wheelwitness HD pro dash cam is capable of capturing videos at an angle of 170 degrees. It can you when capturing in the left and the right lane. This is completely according to the description that you will find. We tried testing the camera in different weather conditions. It resulted better than expected video quality in each and every weather condition including sunlight, fog, midnight, cloudy weather and rain.

The camera is capable of capturing 1080p full HD video at 30 frames per second along with a special compression Technology. There is an option to select 60fps. However, there is not much difference between the two. The video quality is quite good and having an experience of more than 10 dash cams, we can surely claim this. The GPS feature is also quite interesting and must be pointed out.

Besides, the sound quality is also pretty good and it is capable of picking up all the sound from the surrounding. We tried it out and different traffic conditions and it was pretty good. We were surprised by some silent gossips that it was able to pick up in the video. Most cameras are not capable of recording in a noisy situation. But this was not a problem in this case. Wheelwitness HD pro dashcam could record the sound at pretty good quality in all the conditions.

Additional Features

There are some additional features which you will particularly love. The camera gives an alert sound if you are changing the lane. This is a very handy feature if you are using an old car and you are riding on a highway. It has got some sensors which can detect shock. As soon as the camera detects shock, Earth stops recording in order to prevent overwriting in the existing videos. This is a very important feature and helps in court cases typically.


  • Dimensions: 3.9 × 1.9 × 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Video: 1080p Full HD at 30 fps
  • Processor: Ambarella A7 Processor
  • Display: 16:9 TFT LCD Display
  • Lens Angle: 170°
  • GPS: Yes
  • Audio: Yes
  • Wifi: No
  • G-Sensor: Yes
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  • High-Quality Videos
  • Outclass lens
  • Long-lasting hardware
  • Motion detectors
  • Screen saver feature to reduce power consumption.


  • GPS is not accurate
  • Too big for the front dashboard
  • Suction pump often breaks
  • No battery indicator


Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam: Best Selling Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam is a popular dash cam which is produced by a Chinese company and is distributed by an American company in the US. The camera has gained a lot of popularity owing to its latest features and built quality.

The use of dashcams have grown a lot in the recent days and this is why we are going to review Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam. This will help you in understanding the specifications and other aspects of the device. Hence, you will be able to compare it to its rivals and choose the best one out.


  • Resolution: 2560×1080 or 2304×1296 @ 30fps
  • Size: 90 × 55 × 40mm
  • Weight: 63.5g
  • Chip: Ambarella A7 Processor
  • Angle: 145°
  • Video format: MOV
  • Image format: JPG
  • Pixel: Upto 13 MP
  • Storage: Support up to 64GB SD Card
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0, AV
  • Battery: No. Capacitor available

In-Box items

  • 13 feet cable
  • USB Data charger
  • Dual Car charger
  • Camera mount
  • Cable clips
  • User manual
  • Quick setup guide
  • 32GB SD card

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam Review

Z3 has a viewing angle of 140 degrees and is capable of capturing 1296p videos at 30 frames per second. It is also capable of adapting to the 2560 × 1080p. This is a better format because it is capable of capturing more information about the surrounding. The viewing angle is decent enough and the camera is capable of capturing good quality video during the daylight.

However, the quality comes down as the sunlight disappears. The video quality is a bit blurry during the night. However, the number plate of the cars passing by is visible and clear enough. It is a basic dash cam which comes with auto on/off feature, date/time stamp, and G-Sensor. However, GPS and Wifi are lacking. The build quality of the camera is good and better than most of its rivals.


High configuration

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam is powered by Ambarella A12 along with color CMOS Image sensor. The result in and high stability and crisp video resolution.

HD image quality

Never miss out on any number plate for a license plate with the full HD quality of Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam. It is capable of capturing high-quality images at 30 frames per second. The 155-degree wide-angle helps in capturing a broader base.

HDR Technology

The HDR feature helps in compensating in low light conditions, especially during the night. It helps in filling all the dark spots and capturing the videos at high quality even during the night. It features 6 glass lenses for capturing superb quality videos.

Optimized viewing angle

The 155-degree viewing angle of the camera is capable of capturing not only the front lane but also the side lanes. It can easily capture up to four side lanes without distortion. The camera optimizers and captures everything accurately. Hence, you can expect to capture the videos of accidents happening in the side lanes as well.

Collision Detection

The camera is capable of detecting Collision. The G-Sensor automatically protects the video clips as events when the collision is detected. Loop recording overwrites the videos in case the storage space is exceeded. There is a manual emergency button for protecting the videos manually.

Easy to install

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam is quite handy and is quite easy to install. The user manual has got everything which you need to know. You can use the setup guide to install the camera in your car. It is user-friendly and you won’t find it difficult to use.

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  • High configuration
  • HD image quality
  • HDR Technology
  • Optimized viewing angle
  • Collision Detection
  • Easy to install


  • Night vision is blurry.
  • Viewing angle is not great enough
  • Lacks WiFi
  • Lacks GPS, which is almost a necessity nowadays.
  • It is quite expensive compared to the specifications that it offers.
  • Doesn’t have a battery.


FalconZero F170HD+ Dash Cam

FalconZero F170HD+ Dash Cam: Best Dash Cams Under $100

The small yet powerful FalconZero F170HD+ is a great dash cam option for your car. Regardless of your driving skill, there is always a chance of accident and you must be prepared for such situations.

A good dash cam like FalconZero F170HD+ will be a great addition to your car as it will help you in fighting the legal cases to get compensation in case of an accident. It is a premium dash cam which has a high-quality lens. The high-quality camera they’ll help you in capturing good quality video of the surrounding and it will help you out in legal Battles.


  • Full HD 1920 × 1080p recording. The camera quality is good and it records full HD videos at 30 frames per second.
  • The camera starts recording automatically as soon as the car is in motion. There is a motion detector which is capable of sensing the movement of the car.
  • Motion detector recording while the car is parked. This means that the camera can sense the movement of nearby cars and captures the video.
  • Super wild 170-degree recording. The dashcam has a 170-degree viewing and recording angle which means that it can easily capture up to 4 lanes with high accuracy. Always go for a camera which has a wide-angle.
  • Lifetime support for US customers
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Loop interval recording to the MicroSD card, 8GB SD card included.
  • good lens quality for capturing better quality videos at both night and Day.


  • Product Dimension: 4 × 1 × 2 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer Reference: F170HD+
  • Manufacturer: Pro A Marketing
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 170 degree
  • Night Vision: yes
  • GPS: integrated
  • WiFi: No
  • Maximum Resolution: 1080p

FalconZero F170HD+ Review

Overall, FalconZero F170HD+ Dashcam is a great option for both trucks and cars. Besides recording videos, users can also capture images by changing the settings to the image mode. It is a small and compact device, but it is capable of capturing good quality HD videos even at the low light condition. We tried shooting in different weather conditions. It was capable of capturing up to mark videos in all the conditions.

The viewing angle of the camera is also good enough to capture 4 lanes on both sides with high accuracy. It has a motion detector technology which helps in the automatic recording. The device seems to be a bit expensive compared to its rivals, but it doesn’t disappoint in terms of specifications. Hence, it is a good dash cam to opt for.

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  • Perfect dashboard with outclass features.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best quality is good
  • Wide-angle lens for capturing videos with more details
  • Reliable customer service and warranty.


  • Limited software compatibility
  • Limited instructions in the manual. The manual doesn’t contain all the necessary details broadly.
  • Complicated touch screen
  • No battery is available.


Q: Can I use the dashcam without the GPS option? Is 8 possible to disable the GPS option in the settings of the camera?

A: Yes, it is completely possible to disable the GPS option. The dashcam works absolutely fine even if the GPS is turned off.

Q: How long does the charge last?

A: The FalconZero F170HD+ dash cam doesn’t have a battery. It runs only on a direct connection.

Q: How long does the video gets recorded before the next loop is started?

A: The camera is capable of shooting for 85 minutes typically at 1080p. The device comes with an 8GB SD card and this is in accordance with that.

Q: Is it good to use the motion sensor or motion detector while driving and parking the car?

A: Most people advice motion detector to be on only while parking the car or when the car is parked.


Kdlinks DX2 Dash Cam

Kdlinks DX2 Dash Cam: Best Dashcam For Money

Kdlinks DX2 is just another dash cam produced by Kdlinks. The device seems to be amazing because of the technical features and the free 16GB SD card. It is developed by one of the finest companies and it will help you to claim insurance.

Insurance scams have been on constant rice and this makes it very important for every driver to install a dashcam on his or her car. It is one of the best tools which you can add to the car. The slim and smart design of Kdlinks DX2 makes it a perfect addition to your car or truck. It has a dual-lens setup which adds to the advantage.


  • Front + Rear 2 lens + CPL filter.
  • Video recording at full HD 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.
  • Super wide 165 degrees + 125-degree viewing angle. Hence, the dash cam can capture all the side lanes as well.
  • Automatic handsfree video recordings in the loop.
  • The device comes with 16GB free SD card.
  • super night vision with 6 lens Technology makes the video recording during the night great. It also has the super wide range technology which helps in capturing the footage of a broader base.
  • The two lens system helps in capturing almost the entire surrounding of the car. The front camera has 165-degree viewing angle and their one has a 125-degree viewing angle. Total it makes a 290-degree angle.
  • The lithium-polymer battery is capable of working in the diversified temperature range.
  • Emergency lock button. Additionally, the device is equipped with the G-sensor which can lock the video files in case of an accident. This is a very important feature because it can sense accidents and save the video files for claiming insurance.
  • 1-year warranty for any hardware issue. 100% customer satisfaction and customer service.


  • Item Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.5 × 2 × 1.4 inches
  • Wireless Remote: No
  • GPS: No
  • Battery: 1 lithium polymer battery required
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080p @ 30 fps
  • Night vision: WDR Super Night Vision
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • Sensor: AR0330
  • Warranty: 1 year

Kdlinks Dx2 Review

Kdlinks DX2 is one of the most budget-friendly dash cams that you will ever find. It has got amazing technical specifications at a decent price range. The camera is equipped with a super night vision technology which makes the recording quality amazing during the night and other harsh weather conditions. It is capable of recording full HD videos at 30 frames per second to help you identify even the smallest detail.

The dashcam has got all the necessary sensors and tools to protect the video in case of an accident. It features the auto-recording feature which makes it a better choice. However, the lack of GPS and Wi-Fi is a mere disappointment. But it doesn’t matter much if you are looking for a budget-friendly dashcam for your car or truck. Additionally, the design is also sleek and the build quality is good.

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  • Great Viewing angle
  • Rapid rebooting Speed
  • High-resolution video recording
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good quality screen
  • Budget-friendly


  • Mount doesn’t work in extreme temperature
  • Operates in computer mode at most times
  • Lazy startup


Q: Does this camera support recording in Parking mode?

A: Yes, but the device needs to be connected to the cigarette lighter port after the car is turned off.

Q: Can the camera format the SD card using the Camera format option?

A: No. You can format the SD Card using your PC or some other device.

Q: Does the camera have GPS and speed?

A: No, the device doesn’t have inbuilt GPS and speed sensor.

Q: Is the rear camera thick and bulgy?

A: It is quite thick. Check the specifications of the device given above.


Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Dash Cam

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Dash Cam: Top Rated Dashboard Camera

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD was launched back in 2015 and has been one of the best selling dash cams because of its versatile features. The dashcam is a good addition to your car or truck’s dashboard as it allows you to record videos in any weather condition at full HD quality.

The dashcam allows you to record videos in any weather condition making it easy to file an insurance claim in case of an accident. It is very important for people who daily travel to and fro highways. Read the complete details about the dashcam and then consider buying it or choosing another one.

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Features

  • 4 inches touch screen display.
  • the dashcam has the capability of recording videos at full HD quality at 1920 × 1080 resolution.
  • The GPS Geotagging feature is one of the best features of this dashcam. The GPS data also shows the speed of the car and the weather condition while recording the videos. This is a great feature because each and every detail of the trip is captured in the dashcam.
  • Double dock feature enables it to be used on two cars.
  • Simple to install and use. The user manual has got all the details from installing to using the dashcam without any trouble.
  • 24 × 7 power connectivity used in the battery of the car. No need to charge the device again and again. Just connected to the car and it will work without any issue.
  • Motion detector available for sensing the motion of the car. It is a very important feature because the dashcam has to respond to the motion in order to prevent the videos in case of an accident.
  • The GPS availability adds to the utility of the dashcam.


  • Brand: Falcon Zero
  • Size: 7.9 × 5.7 × 5.2 inches
  • Model: Touch Pro
  • Type: Touch screen
  • Item weight: 2.2 ounces
  • Video quality: Full HD
  • Wireless Remote: No
  • Screen size: 4 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080p
  • GPS: Yes

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Review

Overall, the specification of the dashcam is decent enough for basic and standard recording. It has got GPS as well as a motion detector which makes it a good choice. Moreover, the dashcam comes from a reputed brand like Falcon. There are multiple features and it records the videos along with the audio at full HD quality. We tried the camera in different weather conditions and found it to be adapting to all the changes.

The build quality of the device is also good but fails to lubricate the users in terms of pricing. Most users believe that the dashcam is highly-priced and that there are a lot of other dash cams available at a relatively lower price. Hence, the camera does have all the essential features but fails to attract us in terms of pricing.

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  • Simple to use as it is a complete touch screen dashcam.
  • Low power consumption. Will not affect the car’s battery
  • High Quality, durable material used to make the body
  • Motion detection
  • Full HD video recording


  • Lack of zooming capability
  • Expensive compared to other dash cams of the same price range.


Q: How is the device powered? Does it need to be plugged into micro USB?

A: Yes, the device needs to be connected to the power supply via micro USB. However, it does have 4-5 seconds of reserved battery.

Q: Is it possible to view the footage on the camera itself?

A: Yes. You can view the video recorder on almost all the dashcams.

Q: Does it have Motion, Parking detector?

A: The device has a motion detector.

Q: Does the camera record audio along with the video?

A: Yes, it does have an audio recording feature.


Final Verdict

All the Dash cams are amazing and you must buy any one of these and make your car more secured. Many countries are and forcing the use of dashcams by law. You must have it installed in your car even if it is not enforced by law. It improves the security of the car and also helps in tracking the car in case it goes missing. Overall, we have selected these four dash cams out of hundreds. You will not regret if you buy any one of these four cameras for your car.

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